Shukokai Karate Association

Image: Person performing a karate punch in standard stance.

Welcome to the Shukokai Karate Association

The Shukokai Karate Association (SKA) which was founded in 1991 is a flourishing Karate association headed by Malcom Hudson (7th Dan) predominately located in the West Midlands of England and has grown considerably to its present size of over 20 clubs with hundreds of members.

Our 'Find a Club' tool is great if you are interested in joining with information about locations, training hours and instructors contact details, alternatively you can visit our contact us page.

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About Karate

Image: Fist in a punch. Learn about the history and principles of karate.

The Association

Image: Black belts doing kata. History of the association, its founder, and how we work.

Find a club

Image: Mae Geri kick. Find your nearest club location and instructor contact details.

Grading System

Image: Black belt. Find out about the requirements to get your first or next belt.

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